Smarter Googling

By popular request I am going to start posting occasional pointers on approaches I use to make my life easy.Valentine google

Ever wanted to get more out of Google? Forget Boolean search, Google’s Matt Cutts left a slew of tips for us via DL.TV these tips may be found in podcasts 137 and 138, or direct from Google.

To search for an exact word or phrase use “word or phrase” …. “GlobalNomad101”

To exclude a specific word, prefix with -, for example …. “Global Nomad101” -Microsoft

Place a hyphen for an exact phrase match …. global-nomad101 .or. once-upon-a-time

Of course Google Search helpfully conducts its own spell check on words clearly spelt incorrectly, but if that is exactly what you are looking for prefix with + to avoid spelling correction errors …. +gryme

Very helpfully Google does its best with any specific number, so search for specific flight numbers, model numbers of hardware, you maybe surprised by what you find.

Are you looking for conversions? imperial to metric or currencies, just type it in …. 56 pints in litres .or. 152 dollars in euros

Can’t find the definition of a word in your dictionary, use …. define:
Apply the same approach to a phrase and it provides one with links to definitions and near alternatives …. define: once upon a time

If you are looking for subject matter in a particular filetype, just request exactly what you need, though it won’t work with music (que pena!) …. global nomads filetype:ppt

It appears one of the secrets to really getting the most out of Google is not to ask questions! apparently we need to think like an intelligent webmaster who is classifying information. “mind the gap” or “fill in the blank feature” technique is a good way to work with this, write a statement and put * where the missing number would be …. Mount Kilimanjaro is * meters .or. Population of Brazil is *

The same approach works well for a search by using a number range …. DVD players $100 … $200

Probably one of the least known and most handy tips is to search a site or domain for specific information. This will work on both high level domains such as .eu .gov .uk .fr .com as well as specific websites.

To search for information on NGO’s on British University sites …. NGO
or specifically on London School of Economics website …. NGO

I hope you find these handy, keep Googling!


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