The Royal seal… 2007 year of the podcast!

It seems that podcasting has come of age far sooner than one might imagine… when the British government adopt practice it is common, when the Royal family adopts a practice it is positively Byzantine!

The traditional “Queen’s Christmas Speech” that is the British Queen Elizabeth II of Windsor is available as a podcast from Westminster Digital, along side her 80th Birthday speech, RSS feeds of course available!

Why is this of interest, well I guess its not, except that when new format media become adopted so soon after their release into the broader market (this speech is of course always broadcast by the BBC on Christmas day), it is a sign of either a fad bubble, or that as in the case of mere podcasting, a technology that genuinely meets the needs of a significant market audience…

Feliz Ano Novo, I hereby give the Global Nomad101 official seal of approval on 2007 year of the podcast!

2 Responses to “The Royal seal… 2007 year of the podcast!”

  1. Alberto Masetti-Zannini Says:

    Hey, Happy New Year. I like the new look, well done mate!

    If you haven’t seen this yet, the Globalist is running a series of features on Alms and Ammunition: Risks to Aid Workers. I think you’ll find it interesting…


  2. macdavid Says:

    Alberto … thanks for the tip will check it out, and hopefully will get the blog back up to speed soon… thanks for the support… often drop in to Globalab really good content.. cheers

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