Hot tips for bloggers!

Remembering this is a niche blog for humanitarian and development workers overseas, here are some of my tips for contributors, though this cannot compare with those professional bloggers tips like Harvey at Bad Example!

1. Provide valuable reference to other sites, the more interesting the better.

2. Link to any blogs relevant to the topic at hand and try to personalise it using the name of the author if possible, but please not at the expense of content.

3. Make the title interesting … especially to people online, Sex always sells but may not be relevant!

4. Use intelligent categories or tags assigned to an article, it will help others find information they need, provide flexibility for cross referencing and support search as the site develops.

5. Content is KING… back up comments with facts and reference them. Content really drives referrals and repeat visits to the site, but more importantly help stimulate others creative juices.

6. Global Nomad101 will develop as a ‘magazine’ community site, variety is important, we need a x-section of like minded international fools to contribute and value the site if it is to have a future.

7. Be controversial and critical… we have a demanding target audience, bland is uninteresting, unique, stimulating, challenging will gain attention, court criticism and debate.

8. The most popular blogs to-date have all been work or learning related… that isn’t neccessarily a guide to the future but it is a clear indicator of why they currently value Global Nomad101.

9. Content is KING … consider links to earlier blogs so people are referred back to useful content… currently it is not intuitive for people to find relevant posts from the past, this is something we shall address.

10. Simple, short, direct… better to break a longer article into bite size pieces, preferably thematically. Primarily because most people do not read through long texts, but scan articles. Do refer to next and previous relevant posts, indeed update past posts with critical new links to ensure they act as a good reference. Alternatively such posts can be published as content on the site, another future development!

There is a huge amount of advice online not least from tips for blogs online, and a wealth of knowledge at tips central registrar. As a newbie I have a lot to learn not least on Search Engine Optimisation and blog technology. Indeed as a luddite in the unmaking, I should simply spend time learning how to use WordPress, ultimately I should be heeding my own advice which somehow means improving my ability to read blogs and find time to experiment with the technology.


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