“apple Mac’s” put simply … are a pleasure !

I have to confess I recently shifted to apple (laptop in my case) I’m not a graphics or high end user, but absolutely the right move… having used MS Windows for what seems like a lifetime (and still do), I can really appreciate it. OK so the hardware is well designed and comes in neat boxes and forget the “apples are cool” hype. The software and community support is what makes it tick.

Firstly the software just works, install and you’re off, no fiddling, no settings, you are informed of updates and they just… well install.

Then there are the interfaces, it takes a short while to get used to … but all programmes are consistent, they work well, look good, options easy to understand and have a great feel.

Of course there are hundreds of little apps and widgets to make life easy (see Neat Little Mac Apps), and they really do, whether it is keeping codes aligned to apps and sites (Wallet) automatically inputting text (RapidoWrite), totally removing apps (Appzapper), putting a sleeper / alarm and fader on i-Tunes (Awaken) using widgets (clocks, system interface, games, dictionaries… you get the picture) that when called up float over the screen. Even better Automator allows you to make your own apps real easy (drop and drag)… or of course download others ready prepared (and mostly free) for example, run routine maintenance, heh… even a luddit like myself can develop simple repetitive actions in Automator (automator.us or automatorworld).

The i-life suite is full of goodies, i-tunes just being one… photo management (i-photo), automatcially update web-sites (i-web) with podcasts (garageband) make your own movies (i-movie) and burn everything to DVDs (i DVD) in chapters like a professional. I won’t go on.

Advice and help is always there on the web, all those obsessive apple nerds provide huge amounts of free tips, support, recommendations and software, but I find it consistent and not overwhelming … and really, it is for the pleasure of it! Trust me you don’t want me to start listing sites…

Cost… Mac Vs PC… not an issue if you are buying a well spec’d PC. Support… its true that it is hard to find tech support in most middle income or developing countries, but after talking to others it seems that they simply don’t need to be returned, phone support can of course be purchased (about 10% of cost for 3 years).

Yep, MS may be the market standard and have the world of variety but I don’t need it all, indeed I always use MS Office for Mac (excel, word, powerpoint)… the one downer is that Outlook is not compatible.

However it is actually a pleasure to learn how to use my Mac… unlike my Mac I would never spend personal time on a PC simply because I enjoyed learning how to use it!

… yours hoping to return to the real world soon…

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