Alive in Baghdad … witness awarded!

Video Blogging or Vlogging is, as it sounds, regular posts of video’s from bloggers. Scobelizer and John Furrier amoungst others report on the Vloggies…. Yes you guessed it an annual award show. Highly deserved the Best Vlog went to Alive in Baghdad along with three other awards Best Group Vlog, Political Vlog, Favourite interview Vlog! New world journalists in Baghdad who report on daily life and challenges.

One of the first podcasts that I subscribed to on my return to the connected world (after Kabul), Alive in Baghdad is intense, real-life and scarey. During the First Gulf War depleted uranium affects on health came to the for, how many of us are aware that today the grotesque disfiguration of iraqi’s due to depleated uranium is now common place. Highlighting the daily challenges of people trying to live a normal day to day life. Such as ‘disappearence’ from a line to collect fuel at the petrol station. The impact of minor injury on a families survival. The need for middle class and poor to set up neighbourhood watch “vigilante” groups. Alive in Baghdad place this all on your screen in full lurid colour.

As we all witness Iraq lurching through one crisis after another it is important we all witness the daily impact on people, who a short while ago lived daily life like us! After all regime change has been foistered on this country in our name. We are currently witnessing only the first step in a change process that is likely continue in fits and starts for a decade or more.

History illustrates how countries typically stagger through a whole host of upheavals as they shift from a State controlled from the top to a Nation of citizens. Many countries have seen huge displacements of population and dramatic changes in national boundaries as they underwent this change. The inter-ethnic strife and political activism suggest that Iraq has just started on this path.

Alive in Baghdad provides a small window on the past, present and future. It is a fantastic example of new participatory media and will no doubt provide evidence for future generations to reflect, learn and hopefully advance transitional justice!


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