Need some help getting shut eye… Pzizz

In highly stressed environments it is not uncommon to sleep so deeply that even a rocket hitting a nearby hill doesn’t wake one. Minor earthquakes hit cities like Kabul routinely but how many of us sleep through and are suprised to discover the next day that others were not only woken but waited in the garden for the earthquake to subside!

Pzizz is designed for those of us who find it difficult to take a nap during the day or sleep well at night. Pzizz can be played on MP3 players, i-pods or computers… a soothing combination of relaxing verse and music can be timed to provide you with a nap of duration you choose, waking you up at the appointed time, if you prefer an alarm will also sound. Alternatively the sleep option doesn’t wake you. Radio Leo reviewed this on 24/10/06 and if you wish to purchase one of the products the TWIT coupon name will give you a 25% discount.

Ok so that is unfair, Pzizz is published a personal life coaching system helping tackle stress and energising oneself amongst other things, Judith Woods review in the Telegraph offers more insight.

For those of us who are rather intense, get stressed easliy, travel alot or cannot sleep through the odd interruption common to the environments in which we work. Pzizz will hopefully offer an alternative outlet!


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