Pandora & Filter – Personal radio stations on Internet and via i-Tunes

Internet radio stations are commonly used globally today, but are you aware that you can set-up your own personal music radio station?

Pandora provides you the opportunity to set up personalised music radio stations, you select specific music and they match it with others to ensure you have a station streaming music to your preference.

Even better, for those of us in developing countries without broadband, use a similar approach to rediscover your ever-expanding music collection. The Filter enables you to do the same for your own i-Tunes collection, giving you the chance to have playlists made on the fly after you have selected a few tracks!

Sadly for a few of us this is only available for windows i-Tunes, but worry yee not, a Mac version is in beta form being used by the team at The Filter!

Personally I look forward to Filter having more functionality, so I am able to set-up a personal radio station relaying information my favourite podcasts (see future post), lectures from the University of Berkley, and technology updates from, Scobleizer, and especially theTWit Netcast Network coordinated by Leo Laporte.

One Response to “Pandora & Filter – Personal radio stations on Internet and via i-Tunes”

  1. julian76 Says:

    Thanks for the tip off. I’ve used Pandora before but not overly impressed. Liking The Filter though it’s throwing out some classics from the deepest depths of my collection.


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