“A day in the life” … … … Sidney to Syria … Part III

“I got a ticket to ride”

Finale…. Part III of III … “A day in the life” … by A. Logistician

Day 2

After a good nights sleep I woke up refreshed and ready to go exploring again. Remembering the words of the driver, I decided not to get any maps of the place or things that would have Hebrew markings on them. I set off to find new adventures, Knowing already where Jaffa Gate was, I was off in a different direction. I walked down towards the west bank and suddenly there was a Japanese tourist with a Guide Book. So I did what anyone would have done and followed him. He had the guide book and looked like he knew where he was going.

It however appears that he was only looking for the bus terminal, and now we both know where it is. A lovely place – Not. I did find the Garden Tomb – whatever that is, but it was closed on a Sunday. Which seems strange because they hold services there. Back into the Old City again looking for whatever. I walked around and around and somehow managed to come out of the same gate that I walked into. Success. I managed not to get lost this time.

Back to the Hotel and a bit of exploring in the room. As you do most people look in all of the drawers to see what’s in there and what’s been left behind. Well I do any way. Imagine my amazement when I found a bible. Not the old and new testament, just the new testament. It seemed a little strange to me that the home of Judaism and all I find is a New testament Bible. I now use it a travel guide. The places are still there, it is just a little bit harder to find map references. Ruth ch1 v16 doesn’t appear very often in many places of interest.

Day 3 – 6:

I checked in to the mission and spent most of my time in new comers briefings and security briefs. There is a lot more going on than what you first think. There is always that uncomfortable feeling that something is going to happen.

Those that have been following the news in the passed few days know that, that uncomfortable feeling has come to fruition.

It is now the weekend again and I have been here a week. It has been a week of high adventure and higher drama. I don’t know if at this time if I will be going to Syria on Wednesday or if I will have to stay here for awhile longer. It all depends on the activities in the next few days and if there is a cease fire. The firing so far has not reached Syria, but there have been rocker attacks on Tiberius (In the North) I have to drive through there so at the moment the UN is deciding if they will allow travel.

I will try and write more when and if I am allowed. I have had a briefing about Syria and there seems to be a lot of things that you can not do. Taking pictures is one of them. The Syrian authorities seem to take a dim view of people taking pic’s
all over the place.

You can however buy an official CD with pictures on them. Not sort of what I was expecting. It also appears that all emails are monitored, so I will have to watch what I say and do, and the killer is that I am only allowed to travel within a 40km radius from the city, unless I get UN and ministry approval. Not that easy to do. So bit by bit I will try and let you know how I am going and what I am up to.

Our intrepid Logistician is currently in Damascus, we await news!


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