Zune needs podcast functionality

zunei-pod vs Zune…. for now there is simply no competition! At least for yours truly it is not about music, films, games, TV shows… my number one usage is Podcasts. How can Microsoft come to market without easy to use podcast functionality surely they don’t plan to cede the podcast name to Apple? Already they face an incredible up-hill struggle just to take on i-Tunes.

Of course this is grossly unfair, one should never underestimate Microsoft dilligence on their business innovation. With Zune not yet on the shelves, Zune Market Place (the equivalent of iTunes store) we should not be pre-judging this seemingly nifty product. Microsoft has never been good at delivering a finished product to market first time, Zune Market Place is a critical part of the customer product experience. The ease of downloads for all digital entertainment, the ease of using already catologued personal content, the pleasure and seamlessness of the entertainment experience all stack up to create the finished product. Scobleizer offers the best insight into Zunes, check out his video.

Yes I love the local wireless functionality, FM radio is a neat trick and yes it is a well designed and thought out product… if the colours are grotesque… Zune is not for me… yet. By Christmas we should have a view of the complete product and then the fun begins as Zune and Market Place take on i-pod and i-Tunes, this competition will only lead to one winner. The customer! … Lets get to it!


One Response to “Zune needs podcast functionality”

  1. Some Guy Says:

    Umm.. Aren’t you pre-judgning it yourself when you call it an “excellent” product?

    Oh, look… This blog just sprang into existence about tow days ago! Couldn’t be an Evil Empire astroturf site, could it?

    Note from editor: Yep, poor prose. Also a previous similar comment was deleted by mistake – apologies to Goebbels!

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